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5 Reasons Why Window Cleaning Is Important

Everybody cleans their teeth every morning / evening and thinks twice about it. This is a very important routine in everyones daily life because it keeps us healthy. This idea and routine is not applied to other important areas of the home. Every now and again we all clean our home windows but put off doing it for as long as possible.

There are many reasons why you should get your windows cleaned regularly and in this article we explore 5 reasons why window cleaning is important.

1. The Structure of Glass

Glass is porous and collects dirt and if left over time, can make it fragile or prevent as much natural light as possible from entering your property. Alongside of this, the build up of pollutants can ruin the glass completely through smears, streaks and pigmentation spots. The main pollutants are:

  • Hard Minerals
  • Oxidisation
  • Acid Rain
  • Salt and Grit
  • Overspray


2. Property Appearance

Most people don’t appreciate how different clean windows can make a property look. It can drastically effect the way people perceive your house or business. People pay attention to cleanliness and will subconsciously appreciate the effort you’ve gone through to create a pleasant environment.

Would you feel comfortable going to the doctors if all the windows were caked in dirt (inside and out)? Probably not. The same goes for your home and place of business. Clean windows will always attract more visitors and make people feel more comfortable. Also, if you are trying to sell or rent your property then it’s very important to keep your windows clean as cleaner properties were sold at higher prices on average than those with dirty windows, frames and sills.


3. Heating Your Home

This surprises most people but it’s actually true that dirty windows do effect your homes heating efficiency. Pollutants resting on your windows and in the glass pores reflect more UV light which prevents the sun from warming up your home. This is exaggerated even more if your windows aren’t efficient in containing heat.


4. Ongoing Maintenance

Just like with our teeth it’s always cheaper to maintain them regularly than wait and be exposed to expensive replacements or repairs. Through getting your windows cleaned regularly you will find that you can extend the lifetime of your windows dramatically. Not only this but you will protect the glass from small cracks, scratches, mould, algae growth and other pollutants. There’s no point in replacing the whole window when you could of got a quick and affordable window clean.


5. It Just Looks… Nice!

There’s no getting around it, but clean windows (inside and out) always make you feel better. When in clean environments it boosts people mood positively and can also have health benefits. Not only this but it can help improve the perception of your home or business premises.


How Often Should I Get My Windows Cleaned

This depends on where you live and what surrounds your property. For example, if you live in a city then you may find your windows get dirty quicker through there being more air pollution than the countryside. Another example is the type of cleaning solutions you use because some cause more harm than good.


If you need any help with window cleaning or have any questions for us, please visit our contact page to request a free window cleaning quote or completely free no obligation consultation.

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