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Commercial Cleaning Services In Cambridge

We provide all aspects of exterior commercial cleaning in Cambridgeshire and throughout all the surrounding areas. Our dedicated Cambridge commercial cleaning team provide this service to both residential and commercial properties.

Our other services include conservatory cleaning, gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, fascia and soffit cleaning.

PCW Window Cleaners, of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire undertake all aspects of residential, commercial window cleaning services on any size property. Our team of window cleaners have years of experience in both traditional and modern-day window cleaning techniques, such as the reach and wash system.

Commercial Services

We know how important it is to keep your business running smoothly, which is why our team are always available for fitting in your window cleaning service around your business schedule. This means there will be as little interruption or inconvenience to your daily business activities.

First Impressions
Being a business, it’s important to maintain a certain level of cleanliness for ‘first impressions. Our commercial window cleaning services focus on making sure your windows are spotless and gives customers the best possible impression of your business before even stepping through the front doors.

Flexible Bookings - Less Disruption
As a business owner you want to have your windows cleaned at times where there is as little disruption or inconvenience to your day-to-day operations. Our commercial window cleaners are always flexible with bookings and available if you need to quickly rearrange appointment times.


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Commercial Window Cleaning Services
Commercial Window Cleaning Services

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PCW Commercial Cleaning Services

Reach & Wash System

Reach & Wash systems allow us to clean windows from the safety of the ground using long reaching, telescopic poles making the hardest of areas easier to get to.

What is Reach & Wash

It's a soft bristled brush is used to scrub the dirt off the glass, while jets of pure water rinse the window. The pure water, as it has no impurities, dries to a spot-free finish leaving no marks or streaks behind.

How High Can It Reach?

Windows in difficult to reach areas can lead to health and safety issues, especially with older traditional window cleaning methods.

The Reach and Wash system can be extended to reach windows up to a maximum height of around 21 metres from the ground.

Window Cleaners Cambridge

Commercial Cleaning Services

PCW Window Cleaners provide commercial exterior cleaning services in Cambridgeshire and throughout the surrounding areas. Our team of exterior cleaners can undertake every aspect of exterior commercial cleaning for the following:

  • Windows
  • Guttering
  • Cladding
  • Fascia & Soffits
  • Solar Panels
  • Commercial Building Interior & Exterior

We can take on any type and size of commercial property. Our commercial cleaners in Cambridgeshire have years of experience in both traditional and modern-day cleaning techniques, such as the reach and wash system.

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Window Cleaning

Hiring our commercial window cleaners will save you the task of cleaning your windows at a very affordable rate. Trying to reach the upper floor windows of a property can be a health and safety issue that we are fully insured on. On top of this we clean the window-sills, frames and ledges.

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Gutter Cleaning

We focus on making sure our commercial gutter cleaning service includes a complete gutter clean and gutter clearance. It’s suitable for any type of commercial building. Our commercial gutter cleaners will provide free gutter cleaning quotes and consultation.

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Exterior Cleaning

As a business it’s very important to keep your external ‘appearance’ as clean as possible. No one wants to come into a dirty shop or office if the front is layered in visible dirt, grime and mould. Our exterior cleaning services work around your business requirements and schedules.

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Solar Panel Cleaning

Through removing the layer of dirt and grime on top of the solar panel itself, it allows more of the suns UV rays to reach the panels surface. As a result, you can typically see an increase in your solar panel output and efficiency giving you a better return on investment.

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Making sure our cleaning services are tailored exactly around our customers' requirements is priority. If you have specific preferences, such as days, times, do's and don'ts, then we want to know to ensure your needs are fulfilled. Get in touch for free advice and help today about any of our cleaning services.

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We love helping our customers and being as flexible as possible.

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